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Omo, Washing Powder Detergent, UK, 1950

In my house, I have a constant argument in my head about how much washing (laundry) I do, or rather don't do. It is not that I failed Retro Laundry 101, I didn't. It has just altered over time. If I am having a bad day, I remind myself that I have washed at least since I was 20, but really 18 or more, and at 20 it was for 2 people, five people during the school holidays and some weekends. Then at 24 for 4 people and by the age of 27 for 6 people, then back to 5 at 29. Six people at 33 and 7 at 38 where it remained until four years ago at the age of 42, where it dropped back to 6.

About then it got worse. Discouraged by one year of constant fog (it clears at 2pm!) and a teenage person (won't mention names) who left no hot water. Yes, it was the year of becoming a treechanger, moving here from the urban world of my lovely gas hot water service and a place in inland Australia where it is sunny and about 16oC after a frost most winter mornings. You can cheat and put the clothes out the night before, and arrive some time after 3 to dry washing.

At the moment it is even worse, one year of a dog that snatches washing off the line!

Anyway I came across a blog post called How Much Laundry Do You Do? from Notes From The Frugal Trenches. I feel a little bit better. Long gone are washing and ironing tablecloths etc. at this house. See I didn't fail Retro Laundry 101.

These days there are five people in our house, and the eldest three children know how to wash their own clothes, so therefore my two sons who are living on their own both wash their own clothes. Mostly we dry our clothes inside, with either the wood heater or the fan in summer overhead.


Jan said…
Yes, you certainly have washed a lot and it is good when the young ones take responsibility.
We wash as little as possible, we will wear a t-shirt two days at home, and we only iron 'good' clothes... I say we are saving the planet.... using less electricity.
I started with a copper outside when I was first married so anything is an improvement. Ours gets dry on the deck.
Debbie said…
I read that blog too and it made me think about how much I do too.
This week has been good as our youngest is in Fiji and he can change clothes 3 times a day (worse than any girl). I have had to wait to get a full :0)
BUT...when he gets home on Monday I will have

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