70s Music ~ Love It or Loathe It?

The other day on Facebook I mentioned that I liked Cat Stevens and Suzie Quatro. A friend Rhonda mentioned to me that Cat Stevens was in concert around Australia. My favourite song I said it Moon Shadow.

A lot of my friends from High School still love their 70s music. I love it too, but won't play it more than a couple of times then I move on. I even discouraged my husband, and he plays his CDs in the car. Anyway that was awhile ago, and after listening to Cat Stephen's songs on Youtube I don't think I am over him at all, and he is my favourite, I was right. Very uplifting.


Anonymous said…
I've got all his LPs under the stairs somewhere ... I loved him and his music and the artwork on those albums which he did... Tea for the Tillerman, Teaser and the Firecat,sigh. I loved the songs Tea for the Tillerman, Ruby my Love, Father and Son and played and played and played them.

Thanks for the post!
Linda said…
Thank you so much, we were looking at the videos and didn't see those, they are lovely, Ruby My Love and Tea for the Tillerman.
Debbie said…
There is nothing wrong with 70's music:0)
Cat stevens is a favourite of mine too...'remember the days of the old school yard' is another of his songs that is a favourite

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