Back to Basics Challenge

Two days late, sorry Belinda, I have a chest infection, and don't push myself too much.

Sowing seed or Planting
A icecream container full of raspberries was harvested on Sunday. We are going to make jam, since we buy it for over $7 each.

A little late to plant broad beans. Didn't realise totally we were the same as the south part of Victoria for climate for vegetable planting. We are in the north but because of the hills/mountains have growing conditions the same as southern Victoria. Our hometown is like northern Victoria, but I grew up in these mountain conditions, but I wasn't the one growing vegetables then.

Planning for The Future
I am starting to work on a costume for Oliver Twist for my eight year old daughter. I found these sewing instructions for second hand clothes to be made into a costume. Maybe I can look around op-shops if I feel like it later on in the week when I go out. The enlarged photo looks lovely.

This week I figured if I base some meals around pumpkin which is about 49c/kilo at the greengrocers that should help, also found I had an extra $50 I didn't know about from some kind of internet credit on my phone bill. I won't have to pay as much as I thought, yes it is because I am late paying the original bill. You guys are clever. This will go towards my shoes for the deb, which helps with the food. I have spent the time going through the Women's Weekly pumpkin recipes (harder site to use than Taste but the pictures are gorgeous) and found these.

Pumpkin Dahl with Cucumber Salad
Curried Pumpkin & Pea Risotto
Date and Spice Pumpkin Scones
Rag Pasta with Pumpkin & Sage
Pumpkin Pancakes
Miso Soup uses pumpkin

Pumpkin recipes from here.

Working for the Future
My husband had to weld my daughter's bike because the weight of the newspapers she delivers made the front wheel come up, and even he couldn't control it.

Building Community
I talked to a lady about where the girls are getting dressed for the deb, which is at home. Now I can put her name to her face, as I remember her voice from a deb meeting I went to a couple of weeks ago.

Learn a new Skill
I am enjoying reading about fashion and shoes. There are a few online shops where you can look before you actually get to the shops. I have limited time when I go to the shops. We have been on the Equip website, Target, etc. There are fashion catalogues on the Westfield website. Pictured is my dress from Myer. (I haven't had one for years, so need skill refresher.)

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.


Pauline said…
Wow! What a fascintaing collection of things you are doing/ involved in!!! I haven't stopped by here for AGES!! (bad me) but I am coming back again this evening when I have more time to browse and catch up with what you are doing! It looks so interesting!!!!
Thanks so much for your beautiful comments at my blog too! It was great "finding" you again!!!!
Blessings to you
Renata said…
I always enjoy this meme - such fun!
I hope you're feeling better soon - chest infections are not fun.
Hope you find the perfect pair of deb shoes - what a bonus finding that extra money!
Have a lovely day
Renata :)

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