Back To Basics Challenge

Sowing seed or Planting

  • Nothing, but I know I have been thinking about seeds and things.

Planning for The Future

  • Today my husband was looking at the heater at the other house. Some rain had gone down the chimney which isn't good as it rusts out heaters. He decided to get a cap perhaps from the BBQ place in the regional centre. Since I am going there this week perhaps, my husband was up the ladder which he already had out measuring and figuring out what size cap he may like. This turned out to be wonderful. He found that the heater was installed wrong and all the heat was being blown up the chimney!! No I am not happy about that. But, last winter it was cold there, mostly 14oC. It is partially insulated, and we have installed glass and door etc. in the back section, put in windows in the section that separates them, the only thing to finish is the insulation, both kinds, perhaps replace the louvres in the laundry but that was about it. We have closed all gaps in the solid brick house to keep out snakes and mice and drafts.

The chimney in question that needs industrial cleaner and a high pressure hose to clean before painting one day

We slept there one night, and I had on the airconditioning, we were sleeping next door to the lounge with the heater in it, and still I was cold. So now, when it is fixed, I can visit and keep warm. The front enclosed verandah part was quite warm before on the north and west side with the heat from the back of the chimney, (probably was very toasty, must ask my husband about that one) and an oil/electric heater. I can visit more often, yay!
  • Organised for my son to buy some Japanese or Kewpie mayonnaise from the city. It is only $3, and that is how I found the fabulous blogger I mentioned below. It is for Japanese pancakes. My son is using the recipe this week, he found some pork mince in his freezer and only needs cabbage and eggs to make them. If you haven't tried the pancakes you are missing something.

Working for the Future

  • My husband put up some tin/iron with help from our middle daughter. We were hoping to buy clear stuff for the roofs of our small verandah at our newer house, and to replace broken green stuff, but used recycled materials instead.

Building Community

  • My two younger daughters were both invited to a bring your friend disco at the football club. Was wondering which football club in town we belong to lol.
  • Went to an op-shop an hour from here, it is a nice place, the older people gather there over a table. I took my older girls and we got the costume I was talking about in a previous BTB post and a kangaroo suit. As my middle daughter says, you never know when you may need it. Also got tap set, exactly the type I wanted to replace my previously marked one by the previous owners here. Anyway, I have been short on details this is what I wrote somewhere else...
    "we stopped in a town an hour from home because it has a great op-shop and I needed an outfit for dd8 for a musical at the high school. The grade threes are orphans in the show. After awhile with the girls excitedly going everywhere (we usually visit there with their Nana, it is a nice place, the people very nice) I found everything. For ages I couldn't find a skirt or shorts but looked down lower on the children's rack and found a long brown skirt. Everything fits really well and have a leather cap exactly the right shape. Dd13 found that for me, she has a good eye..."
    Anyway I got a cream long blouse (in length, but hides under the skirt)and a cardigan that is sort of more shrug, but not really, in an old-fashioned knit green.

Learn a new Skill

  • I was watching River Cottage Winter's here and there was some information about cooking jerusalem artichokes. My husband had an opportunity to get some for free but they were snapped up, probably from his excellent recommendation! Maybe our first crop of artichokes has enough there to have one small harvest. My husband is already talking of dividing and replanting them, they need more room or something.
  • I have been doing a pantry challenge, and I feel learning to eat treacle on my pancakes is an independence skill lol. This morning I had a choice between treacle and lemon & sugar and I chose treacle.
  • I also learnt how to deal with Udon noodles from another blog Foodie Wanderings. Cumin Pumpkin Noodles with Ginger & Lime. We changed it to lemon lol. An adaptable recipe.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.


Jan said…
Great you are getting the heater sorted out, it will be a lot more comfortable.
That is an amazing Op-shop you have there, taps and a kangaroo suit!
All the best for a great week.
Many Blessings.

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