Back to Basics Challenge

Sowing seed or Planting


Planning for The Future

The meal planning was a bit of a challenge this week. I had to get recipes from all over the web to match in with the ingredients I had. I wished I had bought the tofu I saw in Coles. It was much cheaper than something like bacon, only $1 something. Meal Plan here.

Working for the Future

I was in Albury on Thursday. I went to BBQs Galore to get a chimney cap for my husband. I also got the thing, a square thing that goes on the chimney then you put the cap over that. My husband asked his friend about them and was told he has to put some mortar or concrete over it then to stop it from rusting. He did a bit of research on the net. This is for our other house.

This is how it was before with the old oil heater cap, which contributed to the staining on the chimney.

And after:

While I was there I got a bulk lot of underwear as I can't buy the kind I like here, got my hair trimmed as I have trouble with that too here. Got some tights for my daughter's costume to keep her warm in rehearsals and the nights themselves. Got her some winter good clothes and a warm jacket as well. The jacket is lovely and warm, if anyone needs something that is actually warm try this. It is hard to tell just by looking on the net. I feel a bit better that the money I saved on food paid for these clothes. Still. I bought a school jumper and school pants this week, and a university text book, I feel a bit skint.

The girls and my husband got some more wood for our wood heater today, this is them driving along.

Building Community

I went to the op-shop I have been going to, it is an hour from our home, I was driving past. I usually stop nearby anyway to stretch my legs. The ladies are all sitting around a table having morning tea, so kind and helpful to each other. I got a beautiful Raggedy Ann, a large one, a novel of the author I have been reading for $2, not sure yet if the library has that title or not, in hardback. A black set of clothes that fit really well for my other daughter to help out with the lighting and not be seen. Originally she wanted to buy them retail on the net, she is happy with them. I got two giraffe costumes. Are these people going to bring out the whole ark? Last time we got two kangaroo suits. The tails on all of them are nice.

When I was choosing my daughter's deb photos I got a chance to talk to someone I usually only say hi too and I suppose they got to know me a bit better, which after living here for six years, it doesn't hurt that someone knows a little more than not much about me. I also sat next to a lady about the same age as my deceased Nana and that was nice. It was a lady who did her deb 75 years ago, they were guests of honor. I'm sure her picture looked lovely.

Catching up with high school friends on Facebook. Helps put my own life in a better perspective than without talking to them.

Learn a new Skill

My husband tried out another hairstyle on my daughter who wanted her haircut again and saved us some money. It was more a ladies style but it looks nice. The directions were on the net.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.


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