My Favourite Trucking Songs

I went to comment of Tatersmama's post about truckin, ("Jerry Garcia actually wrote "Truckin'" just for me") have no idea what she was talking about, so couldn't comment. Have since read the lyrics of the Grateful Dead song, maybe where "keep on Truckin' comes from" or they wrote to that theme. Probably nothing to do with trucks themselves, will have to read the lyrics again.

Anyway, I love this song Convoy, and another new one by Jayne Denham. I found some great truck videos on an earlier post. Her truck is going along where I live, or the song goes along there. Apparently Australian trucks a couple of years ago where still very much like Convoy trucks, from that era. Around here there are few wonderful old trucks like I have never seen before. I lived only a few houses down from an interstate for years until they built a bypass. The truck stop could be seen from our back verandah. I missed the brake sounds I think and the lights at night. Not sure if I still would though. Check out the red truck in the video, not sure if there are many of those here, maybe, I only go on a 2 hour or less stretch when I go to Canberra, which hasn't been very often lately.


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