My husband's trip out to the interstate

He took a little trip there today and these are the things he saw. The trip is one hour and twenty minutes. Our son came home for a break before winter semester at uni.

One photo is of bush in a gap before the land flattens out, one shows wattle and another bracken fern.

Then there is a jay having his winter lunch, as jay's do.

We have always admired this mystery tree. I love Victorian gardens, another of my mystery trees. The bird and the tree are on the main highway from Melbourne to Sydney.

This town is in New South Wales, and it looks like a typical old-fashioned New South Wales town in the country. This shop is for sale.

A flower and some galahs. If they were red and darker grey they would be gang gangs.


Joyful said…
Those are lovely photos. Thanks for sharing a slice of your world. Blessings xx
Debbie said…
I like to drive on country roads and enjoy all the different things to see.

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