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FOR TODAY Tuesday...

Outside my window... dark

I am thinking... Gabriel Gate has lots of cheap recipes in Fast Pasta, I like the curry one

I am thankful for... my eldest son's girlfriend got a job, and it is a nice one, or something like what she had before

I am wearing... same, red skivvy, jeans, electric blue slippers, black wool socks, beige skivvy, it was real jacket weather today, though not as cold as it could be, and it is not winter yet

I am remembering... that I have to find a red and blue outfit for a football disco for one of the girls

I am going... I am considering going to the regional centre (1 1/2 hours) again this next week, will take back something we didn't need or use to offset the petrol/LPG perhaps

I am reading... I have finished two novels since my reading slowed down, so that is good, the library didn't have book two of the Beverly Lewis one though

I am hoping... I find something nice to read!

On my mind... our son's first university exams, and the second trimester's text book

Noticing that... homesteadblogger is going onto wordpress!

Pondering these words... if there were any I have forgotten

From the kitchen... Mexican Potato and Salsa Salad for tomorrow night, it uses some things we won't need

Around the house... hospitality clothes washing for my daughter, she is learning to serve, it is a TAFE course but she does it at high school though still doing VCE, it is at night and during the holidays and weekends, but not a big workload this year

One of my favourite things... listening to Need to Breathe. My daughter said she found this Christian band by searching for a top 10 Christian hit list

From my picture journal... a little look of our other two children, didn't take enough photos, but we did get a professional one done which included them of course

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Virginia said…
Curry sounds SO GOOD right now.

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