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FOR TODAY Wednesday...

Outside my window... it is dark

I am thinking... about how hard it is to say no to kids, feel sorry for them

I am thankful for... getting a lucky dip with a purchase of new school pants for my eldest daughter

I am wearing... same jeans and wincheater as usual, same electric blue slippers

I am remembering... I remembered to give money to my younger son for an anatomy text book for winter semester

I am going... hopefully to a Pumpkin Patch shop, but my daughter is playing football in the same town and I will probably get a call to take her home instead of her going with her friends on the bus

I am reading... nearly finished a romance novel

I am hoping... I get the cap for the chimney my husband needs to keep rain out at the newer house

On my mind... that I have to be home to look at the deb photos and to choose some

Noticing that... the autumn leaves are nice, especially the Japanese maple at the doctors and that I should be enjoying them and the sun while they last

Pondering these words... that my friends from High School (actually Tech) have been saying, I got overstimulated by that, hopefully I will sleep better tonight

From the kitchen... paella

Around the house... Betadyne, first time we have ever tried it

One of my favourite things... my reading glasses, this morning for a moment I couldn't find them!

From my picture journal... my new paella pan from buyster

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Jan said…
Good to read your post as usual..... hope you are happy with the Deb photos.
Blessings - Jan

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