Spiritual Sundays

I just listened to this video by Needtobreathe a Christian band, who really have few Christian themed songs on their CDs. Well, I haven't noticed being hit over the head by anything. I love really getting into these songs when I am in the mood, like on a long drive.

This interview mentioned Corrupted Small Towns, and as my blog is about my experience of small isolated town living I liked how they said that, I feel they understand.

Having come to be friends with my high school friends and some friends from Primary school again, I have been thinking of issues about how I have left a lot of that behind compared to some of the others. Living here has created other distance, but it is nice to see what they are all up to on Facebook.


They have such a great sound:)Love this song!
sarah said…
this is so true
Renee said…
Thank you for sharing these videos...God bless your week...
I can so relate to the isolation of being in a small out of the way town. I lived in a small coal mining town that had to be listed as a village because it only had a population of 800 people. It was a safe life, but everyone lives in a glass house in a town that small. Thank you for sharing. God bless.
Beautiful! I loved it. I have never lived in a small town but I always thought I would like to try.
God Bless,
Charlotte said…
Had not heard of this group before. They're good. Thank you for sharing them with us. The picture with the cactus looks just like our area of Arizona.
Have a blessed week.

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