Sunday Stealing

01) Are you currently in a serious relationship?
Yes. How serious do you want it?

02) What was your dream growing up?
First it was to be a primary school teacher, then to join the Navy, and to meet someone tall dark and handsome, not necessarily in the Navy, hadn't thought of that one

03) What talent do you wish you had?
To drive a truck, not truck as in ute, help!

04) If I bought you a drink what would it be?
I previously used to enjoy cream sherry, of course I would still like it, not sure I would want you to buy it for me though. I also like OJ and raspberry

05) Favorite vegetable?
None at the moment really. Sometimes it is pumpkin if it is a good one, broad beans (fava) are nice. Did you know carrots were originally purple?

06) What was the last book you read?
Love's Healing Touch, I thought the title was a little like a Janette Oke novel, but it wasn't

07) What zodiac sign are you?
I am not so much into star signs, but I enjoy being a Scorpio

08) Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? Explain where.
I had my ears pierced with a needle at 8, but now probably grown over

09) Worst Habit?
Spreading my Vegemite too thick

10) If you saw me walking down the street would you offer me a ride?
Since I don't know you really well, probably not.

11) What is your favorite sport?
I have had an urge to kick a footy around this week (translation Australian Rules football)

12) Do you have a Pessimistic or Optimistic attitude?
This is not a good week to ask me that (hence the football), hopefully usually optimistic

13) What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with me?
I suppose I would be nice to you (I am talking to the girl in the pic, sorry Judd if it was meant to be you)

14) Worst thing to ever happen to you?
Wow, what a question. If I was to think of things in that way, worst to best, let me think. Leaving the farm. Translation also culture.

15) Tell me one weird fact about you.
All my friends in High School were a year older than me

16) Do you have any pets?
They are not technically mine but belong to the kids, one cat, one dog, two hermit crabs and two canaries

17) What if I showed up at your house unexpectedly?
Maybe I would be embarassed

18) What was your first impression of me?

19) Do you think clowns are cute or scary?
Daggy? I don't know.

20) If you could change one thing about how you look, what would it be?
I like everything, perhaps wind back the clock and stay out of the sun?

21) Would you be my crime partner or my conscience?

22) What color eyes do you have?
Brown, but not dark.

23) Ever been arrested?

24) Bottle or can soda?
Bottle, for driving.

25) If you won $10,000 today, what would you do with it?
Buy some chocolate, cat food, new shoes, bracelet, pizza, pay for the periodontist, new freezer, buy a new hot water service and have it installed before this one springs a leak in the roof

26) What's your favorite place to hang out at?
I don't hang much of anywhere. I love visiting the bush toilets on the way home sometimes just to smell the trees and be in that environment

27) Do you believe in ghosts?
Do I want to encourage them, no.

28) Favorite thing to do in your spare time?
I have a lot of spare time, and none. Confusing but true. I had an excellent blood report this week, with cell count etc. but still run down and on antibiotics, I think they make me moody

29) Do you swear a lot?
Depends on the mood. But it would only be old habit, and not particularly offensive

30) Biggest pet peeve?
Not having a nice private and shady place to sit in the garden

31) In one word, how would you describe yourself?
Stoic or dour perhaps??? That is what everyone keeps telling me.

32) Do you believe/appreciate romance?
Flowers, stuff like that, no. I am not sure if I have had any given to me though. Actually maybe I would like it. I was a bit annoyed once not getting some. That was a long time ago.

33) Favorite and least favorite food?
Tripe. Japanese pancakes in reverse order.

34) Do you believe in God?
Yes. But please tell me why we are encouraged not to like money, and then get promised a mansion. Sorry, it has been bothering me.

35) Will you join us this week for Wednesday Wickedness? (Bud has on a mission to make this Wednesday's most popular meme. Please play this week so I can stop promoting it.)
I'll try to remember to have a look, if I haven't already.


I am Harriet said…
I'm married to an Aussie. I know all about, but don't quite get, Vegemite.

Hope to see you at Monday Mayhem :)
some really unique answers :D and so the book wasnt that great?

#15 is cool :)
Hootin' Anni said…
No, I didn't know carrots were originally purple. Hmmmm.

My S S is here, if you'd like to visit with me and haven't today.
Linda said…
Vegemite is weird alright, but we can't live without it.

The book was quite good really.
Linda said…
I wonder if you guys say alright in that way, it was mean nicely.

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