Weekend in Review

Friday ~ got ready for the deb ball. It took quite awhile to get my daughter's dress laced up at the back. Everything went smoothly, except two girls who I thought had their hair washed got sent back to the bathroom to wash their hair. One said they had used only conditioner last time, the other said it made her hair funny, I guess she should have washed it earlier. So in the end she washed it and tied it up.

Found some tupperware type things I bought for my son if he was living in uni to put in his kitchen cupboard, but since he is boarding now, I raided that stash. Put all the chips etc. into them and put the lot in a basket and the drinks in a bag.

The freebie makeup was too pale for me, though I am not dark skinned, I would be darker than most I suppose, the lipstick was the same, you could hardly see it. Never mind, I'll try again sometime.

My boys arrived around lunchtime, one watched the British parliament elections on TV, it was kind of a cliff hanger? He took me to school and we picking up my youngest daughter and he gave me some Kewpie mayonnaise I have been wanting for my Japanese pancakes. I haven't tried it yet, I think it is like normal mayonnaise without sugar perhaps.

My daughter's boyfriends Mum arrived to take my daughter to get her deb photos done.

Then we went to the deb. There was a fun DJ there who did the dance moves for afterwards so the kids could copy. Our youngest had fun with the brothers of my daughter's deb partner who is also her boyfriend.

The deb was the nicest I have seen, as far as my memory serves me. Everyone looked beautiful. Two of the girls even surpassed that, one looked like a princess. They talked about each child in such a positive way as they were walking down. They danced the tangoette and the swing waltz, and then the evening three step. Amazing. The swing waltz was my deb dance. The evening three step was also danced with a member of the family and she chose her younger brother of her older brothers.


Caroline said…
Your daughter looks stunning. I am so glad you all had a good time.
Jan said…
Beautiful, Linda. Sounds like it was a successful occasion. Any more photos?
Many Blessings for Mothers Day tomorrow.
Hugs - Jan
Debbie said…
Great photos...your daughter looked beautiful.
Tatersmama said…
Oh, how very beautiful! I never had a deb (I never heard of a deb until moving here) but these photos have me wishing...
Linda said…
Thank you. I will see if I can put up a few more photos.
Renata said…
What a lovely time you all had! Your daughter looks beautiful!
Hope you have a very Happy Mothers Day today!
Joyce said…
Linda, the deb celebration looks lovely. It sounds as if you all had a wonderful time. The photos you put up at Facebook of you with your sons and daughter were so nice also.
Jodi said…
You have a beautiful daughter! Thanks for sharing your weekend!

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