Weekend in Review

Well it is not Friday evening yet, but today I got to see the deb photos. I was in a cafe that had a large wall filled with paintings of The Man From Snowy River Jack Riley. They were paintings of all aspects, his house, paintings of the dark with the moon, mountains, lots of things, and huts in the mountains. I was in a cafe in the regional centre yesterday having lunch and thought it a bit plain, my fault really as I avoid the expensive looking ones, not sure I am even allowed in lol, though I'm sure that is not true lol. Anyway the one here was very inviting and comfortable. The frames made of wood, like handmade.

What was I going to say about the photos. I am not sure, but my daughter and her deb partner came home at lunchtime, they were very excited to be going to see the photos even though I have already ordered lol.

While I was in there I saw an article in the Herald Sun about Anne of Green Gables and Prince Edward Island, saw what Green Gables actually looks like.

I'm off to the library to pick up a Supersize vs Superskinny book. They alude to hints about portion sizes on the show, maybe there are more detailed hints in the book. Supersize is a TV program. Like lots with horrible names that put you off watching, this show is interesting. Often the fat people eat healthy food and the skinnys eat junk food. So you have to look carefully at the food they put out for the day to work out what they are doing wrong. One day I had to laugh, they put this larger nurse on the show and she is very proud of her work, as she should be. She was using this to judge the skinny person I think. Guess what, the skinny person was a nurse as well.


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