Australia has a female Prime Minister!

I was waiting so long for this page to load I forgot what I was going to say! (My speed comes back tomorrow.)

Julia Gillard is our new Prime Minister! I saw her sworn in on an ABC coverage before my lunch at 1pm. Imagine, a female Prime Minister, a female Governor General and a Queen. I was a little teary. Not sure why, I am not particularly feminist, but I think it is because I like her.

Julia Gillard I heard was born in Wales, her father was interviewed and had an accent and I loved what he had to say.

I have not been following Mr Rudd's career very well. I think I was following on up until that point, the last two years the least I have ever followed politics. I always liked anything I have heard Julia say on anything though.

I was on Facebook and I heard it there. I had to plug in things that the kids had unplugged or perhaps even my husband this morning to get them ready for school, there was a games controller on the floor and the game was still ready to play. Got it all sorted out, and the Austar signal for the ABC was out. It has been coming and going, so I only got to see some bits.

The internet told me to watch at 12.30 but apart from that there was no news at all that we had a new Prime Minister that I could find.

I have found two blog responses from blogs I follow Belinda and Miss Eagle. Miss Eagle had a different slant on things.

On Facebook before this happened friends from school years ago were saying they preferred Mr. Abbott, today they are happy about having a female Prime Minister. The guy in the mix was wondering if the knives would come out later. I can't imagine it.

I was all confused because what I did find on the internet before their meeting this morning, was that Julia was the one who didn't want the emissions thing to go through, Mr. Rudd didn't do what everyone wanted him to do, so will they force Julia to do it. On TV one person who was interviewed didn't think so. They also thought the opposition leader may find it difficult dealing with a woman. Also I saw some ad (perhaps it was for the election) of a lemon with Mr Rudd's face on it. At least we won't have to look at those.

The images of Canberra made me tear up too a little because my son's live there. I am Victorian, so when they were born I didn't think they would end up in a glamorous place like that. I suppose I can't believe they are that close to the action.


joolzmac said…
Not sure how I feel. I am excited that we have a woman as Prime Minister but I'm afraid, Julia Gillard does not excite me. Quentin Bryce, Julia and the Queen will be able to have quite a tea party when they meet, won't they? Imagine the conversation - childbirth, breastfeeding,PMS, menopause... LOL!

Cheers - Joolz
Frances said…
I was working in two homes today
-the first home the homeowner sat up and watched the coverage on her own

The second home - as soon as I walked in the lady put the kettle on and invited my to join her in watching th is historic moment.
Frances said…
I'm back... just to say... what with all the dramas of the last 24 hours - with Mr Rudd being challenged, the socceroos winning but not making the last sixteen (Yes I got up to watch) and the swearing in of our first female Prime Minister. I'm all tuckered out o.O I think I may need to have a nanna nap.
Linda said…
I agree Frances.
Jan said…
Yes, we were at Barry's brother place, and we watched all morning, until we left to come to my daughter's. Yes it was quite a day.
Have wireless here, so will get online a bit until we leave on Monday morning.
Hugs - Jan
Linda said…
It is a statistical thing, like playing the poker machines, three females in a row.
Miss Eagle said…
Oh Linda, what drama it has been. By last night I was exhausted and I thought how Kevin & family and Julia and Wayne must have felt so prayed for them. Here was I merely a spectator and I was pooped.

The whole Julia for PM thing seems to have captured the imagination of a large number of Australians. I would like to compare it to the Melbourne Cup which always claims the attention, for a few minutes, of almost every Australian. But perhaps there weren't quite so many watching the Julia and Kevin show. It just seemed like it.

And what about Kevin's speech! At one stage I thought he was about to have a heart attack. I gasped and thought "What has been done!" But I think he'll be right and Therese will look after him and Julia is not about chucking him out of The Lodge.
Linda said…
It sort of reminds me of working in a good job for a corporation. Sometimes you get called into the office if there is a restructure and it is a big loss for sure. A big shock.
Linda said…

I just got to watch the speech, it was very good. It was nice to go through the achievements. I think he got teary over his transplant by the sound of it, and other things, rather people dear to his heart that he has helped.

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