Back To Basics Challenge

From May 29 onwards: (I started this post on 14th, sorry.)

Sowing seed or Planting

We are working on making jam from our raspberry harvest.

Planning for The Future

On Tuesday night I very begrudgingly gave my husband the recipe for Creamy Fettuccine with Brussels Sprouts from a site called Eating Well. I was scared! What do you think it turned out like? Beautiful. Better than a ordinary fettucine carbonara, nearly as good as a fantastic fettucine carbonara. In other words delicious, without bacon! So there you go.

What I noticed from this was my dry sherry bottle for cooking has the word "dry" on it, but not "sherry", it just says "dry", lol.

I am always looking for brussels sprouts recipes, why have ingredients if you can't use them? There are so many sites big commercial sites. I wonder if they are really serious about people using their food. Why? The sites don't load easily, and lack of recipes to use those ingredients.

Most brussels sprouts recipes are side dishes. I will try to post my husband's treaks to this recipe in which we used parmesan instead of Asiago for starters.

My husband has been having a lovely time on the My Lawnmower site researching the price that mowers sell for. Hopefully we will be able to purchase a mower before spring.

Apart from the odd meat purchase in the two days from a minor pay day to the main one to tide us over, if anyone has been following my menus, I have been eating vegetarian for a very long time to save money. The girls are getting concerned about my lack of formal grocery shopping and not eating meat. Curious about the meat comments. A couple of days ago we had pumpkin cannelloni, my eldest kept asking for more and more and then asked that we make another batch. We have had pumpkin fritters, pumpkin cannelloni and pumpkin fajitas and pumpkin pasta. I am annoyed some recipes don't have dairy or some kind of legumes, but that has only happened this week, and only a couple of times. The first pantry challenge seemed to have started at the beginning of March. Yes, there are still some things left in that pantry of mine. The cannelloni tubes for example had been there since before my challenge started. Menus here.

So maybe three months I have been doing this for. Reason, usually my clothing budget is very small. We have had to buy some things. Also the building and renovating budget has been larger than the usual 0 as well.

Working for the Future

My husband worked on the heater last weekend. He is taking the tile stash that the heater stands on, and I may use them for tiling the hearth. It is 70s concrete at the moment. He had some help with the new piece of metal for the top, he didn't have to use his iron box from the shed, there was some metal that had no use in a workshop and they used that.

Building Community

I didn't get to go to the play my girls were involved in. It was Oliver Twist, they are going to watch a movie of themselves later this week. My husband helped out at the show one night, and so did my eldest daughter making proper coffee.

Learn a new Skill

My daughter received a quilting kit (yes it has a roller cutter thingo in it!) from her Grandma and a fabric roll. Yes, we have no idea how to use them.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.


ramblingwoods said…
Linda..thank you for visiting my blog.. You have a very unique blog and I will be back. Thank you for the comment about your Father..Mine has been absent from my life for a long time..I am trying to reconnect as long as it isn't stressful for me. I have ms and stress is not good.... Michelle

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