A bit nippy overnight

Jun 14
-5.7°C 11°C 0.2mm
Jun 13
-4.8°C 12.0°C 0.0mm
Jun 12
-0.5°C 13.0°C 0.0mm
Jun 11
5.7°C 12.8°C 0.2mm
Jun 10
2.2°C 12.2°C 2.2mm

Last night it was -6°C. At the moment at 9pm it is 1°C. My weather widget on the side in Wagga is in the 40s, but here it must be in the 30s to be 1 degree C. My boys have been very cold today at their house which seems to be the same temp as us.

How was your night last night? We haven't had a year like this for a few years. My hometown is cold, it was often -5 the years before we left. I know some people have horrible overnights like this often.

However last time I found it hard, it seemed to frost in the carport. I know grape vines were affected, but I think that was in the spring. We have moved our pot plants under a very dense tree, but it is open, I wonder how they are going. My husband perhaps would have noticed as he was there yesterday. The house wasn't dripping, but I understand now why it was colder inside as it is a solid brick house. Can't wait until the heater is fixed there. I think it will be quite cosy.

The heater has a seam in the metal and with water on it it sprang apart. Such a thin sheet of metal.


Jan said…
Interesting to see your temperatures. Reminds me how cold we will be when we go to Blue Mountains in a couple of weeks!
Hope your plants are OK. In my experience double brick houses were the best.... perhaps you have to warm them up first.
Hugs and Blessings - Jan
Linda said…
Yes, I think it will end up very cosy.
Debbie said…
That is getting cold. We house sat in Goulburn and it is freezing there too and we have friends in Junee and they say it is getting cold there also. Being further north and closer to the coast we don't quite get that cold here, usually -1 or -2 but that is only a couple of days thru winter.
Hope your fire is fixed soon
Yes we too got similar to you and the fire though roaring is just taking the cooolness off....Brrrrr Good day for the slow cooker to be on.

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