Lunar Eclipse

This is a post I did last Saturday, modified for Skywatch. The photos were taken outside in the backyard by my husband. He had just learnt how to take photos of the moon a few days before. We haven't had the camera a long time. He was leaning on the hoist clothes line. They were added from the bottom upwards.

In about 10 minutes the Eastern states will be able to see a lunar eclipse. This is a before photo.

At 8.25 ish I could see black on the moon at about 7 o'clock on the moon.

You can read about it here.


Frances said…
Watching the eclipse here on the central coast, NSW. Great fun
Jan said…
Earlier the moon was so beautiful, I was thinking of trying for a photo.
Now I can see the eclipse, it is a little more advanced than your photo, and too cold to stand outside!!
Love - Jan
Tatersmama said…
I missed it? Darn it! I had it on the calendar and eveything!
AL said…
Oh wow! That was so spectacular!
A fascinating series of moon shots!

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