Simple Joys Saturday

I had a big smile on my face yesterday. It was a face splitting smile. Not common I must say. Just when I thought I was hard of heart lol.

My son got a text message from his university with his scores for first semester (first year). He was doing three subjects and is doing the fourth in winter semester. He got CR for biology, CR for chemistry and HD for maths!!

The joy is probably because of the struggles and negativity we have endured perhaps. Please pray for his continued success. For any mothers out there, just keep on truckin'.

Yesterday I heard that a friend of my husband's is getting us a jar of anchovies. For years joy to me is a jar of anchovies. I used to try to buy some in a shopping mall years ago, but mostly I didn't manage it. We just have to pay him when they come.

Also yesterday two boxes arrived on my doorstep. My Mum had collected sheets and doona covers from the op-shop, and had bought some homemade soap from a door to door person. These were large boxes, mostly all washed and ironed, and everyone is happy with them. Plus two handmade scarves for school, with a promise of one more to come.

I am always amazed by the reading material that comes my way. Always something to think about. Winter Birds has some horrible bits, done well but I skipped one bit just in case, but I love how the whole story comes out of an old lady's thoughts, and I can relate so it is funny.

At the moment the lady looks forward each day to the simple delivery of her dessert. How wonderful that the lady who owns the house makes this dessert for her and it brings such joy and something to look forward to.

I can hear birds again, they are here early for spring as they were last year. So pretty to listen to. That is also a theme in the book, the birds that visit each day.

I have been enjoying my Josh Turner music, Long Black Train and I'll Be There. I didn't realise how much I enjoy gospel music, or anything with the perhaps southern sound? There has been lots of clapping here.

In the meantime before I started reading this book, I read True Devotion by Marta Perry, it is more my usual style of book.

Isn't blogging such a blessing? On Facebook you have to fit in perhaps, but on a blog you can be yourself.


Jan said…
A wonderful post, Linda, such joy and contentment shining through.
Congratulations to you and your son on his fabulous results, no doubt a product of the great training he received in your home!!!
So glad to hear of all the other lovely thing happening for you at your place, I always love to hear the birds too.
And yes, I count blogging amongst the joys of life.
Have a blessed weekend.
Love and Hugs - Jan
Karen said…
I so enjoyed your post! Blogging is much more enjoyable than Facebook to me, also...although I do like finding people from years past on there...
Laurie said…
Such blessings in your simple joys, especially the good news of your son's scores! I will pray for him, as you asked.

It sounds as if you "bloomed" where God "planted" you so many years ago! Have a wonderful weekend!

In joy,
Joan said…
Linda - I so enjoyed reading your post. Congratulations to your son.

I too think blogging is such a joy. As you said, we can be ourselves and its such a great way to "meet" other bloggers throughout the world.

joolzmac said…
Hey Linda - pass on my congrats to your son, they are fantastic marks to achieve in the first semester. Well done, dude! You must all be very proud. If he keeps up with marks like that (or even just some passes) the uni years will fly by. My Kirby is doing really well in her 2nd year of her Bachelor of Management(Marketing) and has been invited to do honors in the fourth year already. I think the support that a family gives a child when they head off to uni is hugely important and you obviously give him that. Blessings,

Linda said…
That is fantastic news Joolz!
Tilly said…
Great to hear that your son is doing well. Anchovies - you've reminded me of my pregnancy - I just couldn't get enough of them. I don't think I've eaten any since Tiddler's birth.

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