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FOR TODAY Tuesday... that has turned into Sunday

Outside my window... the fog lifted today around 12, well there was a patch of blue then, the whole day yesterday was fog, so it was yesterday's fog. I think it must have been a special day that only comes along once in awhile, though about two years ago when it was 8oC I remember people walking around at school to pick up their kids in an eery gloom. I think it was only 7oC yesterday. Today, now, the sun is shining at 3.30pm

I am thinking... (Tuesday 10:41pm) it is hard with husband doing schoolwork, son on the wii online on the fold up bed daughter is supposed to be sleeping on, she is in her room supposedly doing homework online, when is everyone going to bed? So I am repeating Alvin Stardust I love Rock N Roll for want of something to do

I am thankful for (continuing for Sunday)... on Tuesday my daughter wanted radio headphones, she was looking on ebay, I think $200? Anyway, at the op-shop on Wednesday my husband got some for $3. I usually don't take much notice of technology, but I felt it was really nice having NeedToBreathe on those headphones for a little while, it was like no one else existed and it is nice to hear the sound coming from different sides. You can walk around the house with them.

I am wearing... the usual, no socks, which is naughty

I am remembering... the things I used to eat as a child. On Monday's our school had half an hour to spare before the buses came as a teenager, I have been thinking about how fun it was, then talking to a friend about tuckshops, then what I ate on Friday nights when my family came into town. I have come to the conclusion that I was spoilt! I have always felt blessed about my childhood

I am going... I am hoping to take two of my kids to get a haircut and one to visit the dentist, but hopes are diminishing lol. Maybe the most haircut will get done

I am reading... trying to read the second Barbara Delinsky novel in a series, not so embarassing to mention, this particular series

I am hoping... I can go to a 35th reunion for my year level at school

On my mind... fruit salad, can't remember exact details to help my son make it, my Mum makes great fruit salad, I should have got her to text him

Noticing that... it is only three weeks or so until July, and my silly idea to turn on the lights for Christmas in July, I want to put up pumpkin lights to cheer up the lounge now, perhaps when our son goes back to uni and no one is sleeping in the lounge, dark must be best at the moment

Pondering these words... " A man who does not think for himself does not think at all." ~ Oscar Wilde: From Ganeida's Knots comment page

From the kitchen... tonight we'll try Polenta & Corn Bake with fake buttermilk

Around the house... I have put a doona cover that Mum got at the op-shop on my bed. It is funny, I have had this favourite elephant doona cover, a very expensive black one for years, nearly had it, have the sheet on though, and the new doona cover is blue, exact match for my room, with elephants on the end. Silly though, it brings home the fact my room's paint is dated, though I still enjoy it

One of my favourite things... I would say my red liquid ambar (sweet gum) but this year it is orange!

From my picture journal... a week or so old now, the last week collecting day, though they went yesterday as well

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Jan said…
It is good to see you post, you've had a very busy week.
Picking up those headphones was a real great find.
Trusting you will have time to do everything you need to.
Richest Blessings - Jan
Out Back said…
Thank you Linda for sharing your daybook. You have been busy...

Looks like more busyness for you again this week.

Take care,

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