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FOR TODAY Tuesday...

Outside my window... there is only a faint bit of light in the west, it is not even 5, the shortest day will be on Monday

I am thinking... who is coconut head?

I am thankful for... fireproof cement my husband found in the shed, also a metal box he is going to recycle to use to repair the wood heater, all we have to buy is mortar

I am wearing... a jacket inside, apparently 11°C today, but I only saw 9 the times I checked

I am remembering... that my husband said he didn't have time to check the pot plants, but they are under a heavy tree, what else can you do?

I am going... I haven't been anywhere really for a month, unless I am forgetting something

I am reading... I have lots to choose from, not sure which yet. I had books at the library that arrived a week ago!

I am hoping... I choose a book I really enjoy

On my mind... just focusing on the comings and goings of gym, which there are a few, my husband and I are sharing a car today

Noticing that... today wasn't really that difficult, my daughter's hair is cut in case someone posts a picture of her trip on Facebook lol. My middle daughter may have got her first migraine which is sad, she was pale, rested for an hour or two, then pottered around making sushi

Pondering these words... lots of words to ponder in Winter Birds, the novel

From the kitchen... left over lentil soup, enough for a whole meal which is great because it is gymnastics today

Around the house... things ready to pack for my eldest daughter's trip. She is learning to make coffee at William Angliss, well she already knows how to make coffee, but you get what I mean

One of my favourite things... playing loud music on a very cold day, what else can you do?

From my picture journal... our jam drops that our little girl and Dad made yesterday, just enough for today's afternoon tea

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Jo said…
Those jam drops look yummy! How wonderful that you were able to find most of the parts to repair the heater already in your possession. Enjoy your day!
Jan said…
Yes, jam drops were a favourite when I baked, but with no children and an expaning waistline..... no more.
Lovely, as always, to have a little glimpse of your world with your children.
Hugs and Blessings, Jan
Those cookies look amazing!

About the tooth. The implant was $3,000 (without the crown). It is better than a bridge though because you don't have to ruin the two teeth next the the traumatized tooth.

I have never had dental issues. I think having six children in 10 years weakened them. If you have specific questions you can email me at

Thanks for popping by my blog!
Joyce said…
Hi Linda,

I hope your daughter doesn't start having migraine headaches. My husband's started after he suffered heat exhaustion one year.

Those cookies look delicious!
Linda said…
I know Joyce. It is interesting about your husband. Mine has them too.

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