Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY... Sunday

Outside my window... lovely late afternoon sun that will last another 10 minutes

I am thinking... about the kids reports and the subjects my middle daughter may choose. Pretty much on agreement, so different to the other kids in the family, still thinking about CFA classes, hoping she gets to do sewing sometime, she says she is bad at sewing, but that is why you do classes!

I am thankful for... my son's uni timetable being able to be worked out, we have been working on it all day, now my husband is working outside taking advantage of the sun, he has been out there 30 minutes

I am wearing... old jeans, good windcheater, wool socks and slip ons, skivvy

I am remembering... to tell you that: My daughter didn't end up working three weeks straight which is good as she needs the rest. Because of the black out, the bank had no $20 notes for a very long time, very inconvenient.

Also we don't get many new things where we live because we don't ever change our vote.

I am going... possibly to the chiropractor, haven't decided yet

I am reading... Accidental Woman by Barbara Delinsky, can't vouch for it yet

I am hoping... we can get all the small items we want to buy and do, like drycleaning, scripts, lots of things

On my mind... to tell you I was walking my daughter to the car after taking her to the doctor and buying her something to eat, and saw my other daughter walking with her class, smiling away, and I got a quick cuddle

Noticing that... the jonquils are out up the street, I think they are white

Pondering these words... we got a lovely letter about the kids behaviour in Melbourne on a Year 11 trip. They apparently were squashed into a peak hour tram and played eye spy and Chinese whispers to the enjoyment of the other passengers. Also they were respectful at the Holocaust museum (I wonder why others aren't as, generally)

From the kitchen... Black-eyed Bean, Mushroom & Silverbeet Balti. What is balti? I have no idea, something like a stew I think. I got the recipe back that I had lost, the link was dead. The owners of the site got it back from the web for me.

Around the house... we have to wash some fabric strips for my daughter to start quilting

One of my favourite things... watching the kids fly their kites on the last day of school (Friday) school holidays here for 2 weeks

From my picture journal... the neighbours lemon

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Jan said…
Always lovely to share your day, Linda.
Blessings for a good week.

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