Skywatch Friday

My Skywatch post for Friday, posted today so you can see what happened today at our house.

My husband came home from work on Monday and dashed inside to grab the camera. First we saw a platypus, a crocodile, a T-Rex then a seahorse. The smoke is pretty interesting too in the foreground.

The same photo opportunity produced this practise of photographing the moon, and a plane. At sunset on the shortest day of the year here.


Luna Miranda said…
i see a T-Rex, too, and a dolphin.:p wonderful shots.
EG Wow said…
I LOVE your active imaginations! Very, very cool.
Linda said…
I can see the dolphin too now Luna, thanks.
Joyce said…
Hi Linda,
Those are fun cloud shape photos!:)
Linda said…
I can understand the rush to get the camera - what a display in the sky!

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