The snow is here!


Anonymous said…
You live in a very beautiful part of the world. Do you get much snow?

Tatersmama said…
Brrr! We've had forecasts of snow down to 1000 metres, but luckily, it hasn't eventuated yet! It's exactly 1C this morning, but we still have clear skies and I'm hoping it stays that way!

Keep warm and cozy!
Great! Send alittle to my Highland town,Kids are awaiting!!!!
Linda said…
Kate, we seem to have it until very late in the spring I think from memory. Perhaps not November though.

Thanks Tatersmama!

I guess cupcake the mountains are first and the hills, well I have been wondering when that part of winter will come. Though very cold in the house this morning, it is a lovely day outside now.
Jan said…
Do you have snow all winter, Linda? We might see some snow when we visit daughter in a few weeks.
Hope you can keep warm.
Have a Blessed week - Jan
belinda said…
Hi Linda,

I didn't realise you were in an area with permanent winter snow.. if I have understood correctly you may be someone that could grow and produce from sugar maple.

Kind Regards
Linda said…
That mountain should have snow for the rest of the winter. We live about 10 miles to the right. We have snow once a year to look at from the house on a bluff, once a blue moon we may have it on the ground or flurries, sometimes you can miss these things if you are not looking for them. Some people we know get snow on the ground and come to school and talk about it, on those odd very cold days, 400 metres?
It's so pretty there. It looks like where Man From Snowy River was made. My all time favorite movie BTW. If I could ever go anywhere in this world it would be the high mountians.

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