Spiritual Sundays

My husband showed me some songs last night from Josh Turner, for some reason I remembered this one. I think I was figuring out which album I would like to buy once. It was nice to listen to, very uplifting. This is from the Haywire album.


Out Back said…
What a great song and beautiful voice Linda. Thank you for sharing this clip.

Very good message in this song. I shall be on the look out for more songs from this artist.

Have a great weekend,

Linda said…
Off the top of my head, I like Everything Is Fine, and South Carolina Low Country.
He has such an awesome voice! I loved this song, I'm so glad that you shared it. I think I will have to put this on my list.
Charlotte said…
Thank you for sharing this very interesting video. We certainly need to stay off that long black train and look to the Lord.
Renee said…
isn't this a great song! I like his music too...God bless.
Whidbey Woman said…
I agree with what everyone else has to say here!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing this Spiritual Sunday.

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