Spiritual Sundays

I didn't know if I should post this, but it is encouraging, so here it is. It is better to be encouraged by something like this so you can be gracious and not give up, even if it is perhaps extreme, depending on your point of view.

I was looking for the top 10 gospel songs, but really these are not the type I am looking for. I'll find something else to search. The other good one I found is:

Said You’d never leave me
Said You’d never leave me, leave me

Said You won’t forsake me
Said You won’t forsake me, ‘sake me

Even now I’m older
Never have I seen the righteous forsaken

Even what You told me
You would always hold me
Safe in the palm of Your hand

Even though I go through the valley of the shadow
I’m not forgotten

Never let a day go by
My, my
Gonna shout it from the mountain

I just wanna say
I’m not afraid
I know that You are with me



Whidbey Woman said…
Sister, thank you for sharing these videos. I do not have much exposure to gospel music but the spirit of it really touches me.
Happy Spiritual Sunday!
sarah said…
beautiful...good choice...
Great videos, I enjoy gospel music.
Charlotte said…
The videos are exciting and encouraging. Thank you for sharing them with us.

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