Back to Basics Challenge

From June 23 onwards:

Sowing seed or Planting

We have brought home a jam melon to make pickles, bought the onions, but that is as far as we have got. Still trying to find paperwork for our tax return.

Planning for The Future

I found a free mower on Freecycle that led me to watching lawnmower fixing videos on youtube. I liked them, I wonder if someone was doing this outside if in this weather I would actually go out to watch. Anyway what do you think? My husband says I am tragic. The channel is here.

Our old lawnmower, that may still be able to be saved, but unlikely, my husband got to run. He took it to the other house, tried to start it and it backfired and nearly hurt his hand with the pull cord. Then it did something like reset the timing which you can't alter on Victas.

Working for the Future

Well the heater top has been put on. The piece of metal across the chimney is now straight, the bricks on the side have been replaced. Mortar has been put in the base and it will bring the heater up higher without packing it with tiles which is what the last people did.

Building Community

I have a bag near the door that is slowly filling up with things. Since my youngest is 8 and has fairly large feet it was a bag of odd socks. I guess they could use some in the rag machine or something.

Learn a new Skill

Not sure.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.


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