Back To Basics Challenge

From Saturday July 3 onwards:

Sowing seed or Planting

No food planting.

Planning for The Future

Well I am getting there with making the jam melon pickles, though it still seems a long way off yet. At least I have all the ingredients now that we have vinegar.

We have been getting into the vegetarian recipes. Now we are looking into healthy heart recipes. Have had some lovely meals, even though they seem scary at first.

My husband bought some things at the hardware shop, and saw some aluminium clothesline wire, we didn't know where we were going to get it. So we are very happy. Now to join a 10m length. It is for the other house so the line can be used properly. It turned out though to be green, so we may save it for our green line. Never mind.

Working for the Future

I am a bit embarassed to show another heater picture, as there is obviously still damage from the water, which is what started the fixing of the chimney and the heater and the fireplace. We are going to try to paint the bricks again and tile the hearth, admittedly with recycled tiles that were holding the heater up. You can see my husband has done lots of nice work on the plinth to replace the stack of tiles it was sitting on previously.

I didn't get the Freecycle mower. Worst case senario is that we will be using our son's mower as he and my other son are moving into a new apartment. But in order not to wreck his mower, we are bidding on a cheap mower on ebay. This is our second, we chickened out on the first because of travel to pick it up. Still it would be a good buy.

Building Community

I have decided to go to a high school reunion.

Learn a new Skill

It really wasn't hard, but I went and made an appointment with the Accountant. We should be learning skills on how to do tax for investment properties, which is what our second home now is, which wasn't our original intention. Yes, we avoid those things like the plague. My husband found the papers missing last time I wrote a BTB post and lodged his return. He also spoke to the accountant, and I will be making up an activity statement. I have what I need but it will take a lot of time, which means I guess lots of activity! Any ideas how to do it? Word document or something else?

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.


Frances said…
You may find a spreadsheet program will help you keep track of all outgoing costs.

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