Bushfire ~ A Place of Last Resort

Last Thursday I went to my hometown, and I forgot my camera. But yesterday I was there again so brought my camera this time. I had to show you these words.


I live in an extreme fire risk area, and that sign sends a shiver right through me.
Linda said…
Hi Caitlyn. Had you seen it before?
The NSP sounds pretty worthless, huh? What a lot of disclaimers!
Linda said…
Lots of disclaimers.
Miss Eagle said…
The disclaimers seem to say:

We put this building up to be a comfort to you and because we thought some of you might want it and appreciate it. We can't really promise it will do much good but, in the event, it could be better than nothing. Good luck and think nice thoughts about us at election time because we thought of you.

Blessings & Bliss
Linda said…
I think that building has a website. Pity I didn't remember the address.

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