I have been busy on Facebook, uploading pictures of myself, some for the Tech reunion I am going to, thanks Renata for your best wishes about the reunion. Some photos of my Dad since he passed away two years ago.

What I have noticed is that a lot of the photos of me as a child involve horses. I am not sure if I am picking them out, or that Mum was so happy I had a horse she took photos of me with them, or that is just the way it is lol. This is a picture of me with my Dad's saddle near our orchard that my Great Grandma planted. That is my Grandma's house next door. My uncle played football so I am wearing the team colours. The horse is Minnie, my Mum got her. I later got Misty who was easier in temperament. I'd ride around weekends with some older girls, I was pretty proud we rode eight miles one day.

I have my Facebook friends only, but it gets confusing what to post where. I posted a photo of a farm activity we were doing in the 70s and got a comment about what we were doing. These days people are more sensitive, and rightly so perhaps. The girl was a friend from high school but one of the ones who lived in town. Our school had a lot of kids from each quarter and they had quite different lives.

My internet speed comes back tomorrow, sadly I won't be home to enjoy it lol. It has been the longest month, my daughter accidently started off a download and thought it was stopped but it wasn't, quite early on in the month.

It is very quiet here today, only my eight year old is home. The two other girls are at a survivor camp with church. It is funny, at any one time their friends from school on Facebook number 40. I was talking to the hairdresser about it the other day. Today there is not a peep out of them. The place where they are camping (there is a small chance of snow there, luckily it is very fine today) has no mobile/cell coverage lol. Do you think the organisers did that on purpose lol. At least then they will think about their theme, which is surviving life. They were to cook a survivor masterchef and the girls took some cubed meat and bought some skewers from our version of a $2 shop. The chemist supplied a little eski/cooler for free with cold pack. They are like a little 70s foam lunchbox.

My other son is getting in driving practise. They went to a place west of Wagga to pick up a lawnmower. I am not sure if I posted here, but I was so missing a running mower I was listening to mower fixing videos on youtube lol. With only 6 weeks until our investment property goes on the market, a mower is a good thing! They think the town they are visiting has lots more than a Victorian town the same size would have. We think the same thing about places like Mt. Gambier in SA.

I found out the song I mentioned in my last post Waka Waka was the theme for the soccer. I didn't know that! Silly me.

I was really impressed with my chiropractic appointment. I had to resubmit my details as I hadn't been there since we left our hometown, it is awful to be a stranger in your own town. After walking around and having a quick look in BigW, where I couldn't resist a country music album (yes when the speed comes back I will be imposing a video on you lol) I went to Albury.

So my hometown is where I am walking around looking intense lol. I suppose it is hard to enjoy somewhere two hours away, unless you intend to come home late. It was much warmer there, so very nice to be warm. So I didn't buy anything heavy to wear to the reunion.

If anyone is interested in the chickpea burgers. We have tried them before, but the recipe we had this week was very nice. Yum. Just need to grind the chickpeas with the egg and use Ayam curry powder.

Myer didn't have many clothes left, and it took awhile but I got a shawl collar jumper in a darkish limish green with new jeans and a pretty purple top to go under the jumper. It looks much better than my former good clothes. After having five kids I needed the length in the front, the other was cut up, but apart from that, overall looks much better.

The Coriander and Corn Omelette rolls were gorgeous too. Maybe the Taste site is getting better and better?

There is another possible reason for not being here much this past fortnight. My step-Dad nearly died, I think it was Tuesday week from a stroke. Through technology and a specialist in Melbourne they dissolved the clot, it was a new machine they were using only perhaps 6 months. He had no weakness in stomach or chest and it worked. He is home doing his best to forget about the whole thing. Mum and I are thinking of all things to do with cholesterol at the moment. I remember those cookbooks Joolz likes, must borrow some more. I'm sure they had normal Aussie recipes modified. I did borrow the Victor Chang cookbook, this is for my husband who has to talk to the doctor about his cholesterol.

I had a wait at the hairdressers and she said to come back on Friday I think it was. Had another similar wait, this time I stayed an hour and a half. I am happy with what she did, we like my daughter to have her hair curl up naturally in ringlets.

I hope I haven't talked too much, I'll have nothing to post about next week lol. And moral of the story today? Don't blog and nearly let your wood fire go out lol.


I enjoyed catching up with all your going on's. Hope you get that lawn mower fixes, as I know what it's like when you don't keep up with cutting the grass........a pain in the butt as it takes twice as long to cut!!

Enjoy your weekend,

Gill in Canada

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