Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Sunday...

Outside my window... it is dark now

I am thinking... about a game my friend plays on Facebook

I am thankful for... nice smells coming from the kitchen

I am wearing... pink windcheater, jeans, brown socks, electric blue slippers

I am remembering... being 16, being 25

I am going... no where that I can think of

I am reading... nothing atm, a cookbook

I am hoping... I find something nice to read

On my mind... my teeth, in particular gums

Noticing that... it was very cold here today, 5° maximum

Pondering these words... well the novel I read I pondered and I cried a little at the end, it was An Accidental Woman

From the kitchen... an egg curry, actually that is very retro, with a modern twist, I had forgotten that

Around the house... drying doona covers and pillowcases

One of my favourite things... a ballet photo of my middle daughter when she was six

From my picture journal... my fish. One is called Monaro (another Cobra) and it suits it. I saw pictures but haven't been over there since the fish got its colours

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