Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Tuesday...

Outside my window... I did have Christmas in July lights on, but my daughter requested they be turned off as she is sleeping near them on the couch that folds into a bed while her brother is home

I am thinking... how heavy the rain is outside, it is pouring

I am thankful for... the fact that my car doesn't seem to be as broken as once suspected. It has water in the sump, but doesn't seem to require much money to fix, compared to what we thought we faced

I am wearing... socks & shoes, jeans, old windcheater, black skivvy

I am remembering... to pay for some terylene curtains on ebay, they are for the bathroom at the other house, I have found buying curtains on ebay good most of the time

I am going... nowhere this week

I am reading... thankfully a book that came in the mail today when I needed it, a have some novels here from the library but they didn't interest me

I am hoping... we get better at doing tax for investment properties, otherwise we will have to wimp out and go live there, though that sounds very expensive with travelling costs

On my mind... looks like I have cracked the crown on my tooth

Noticing that... my son's haircut and shave has made him look dashing, maybe he has been changing while he had the disguising hair, and once it was gone it was a new person underneath? I think he looks like Kevin Jonas now lol

Pondering these words... from a book I was given to review A Word From The End Time Church

From the kitchen... Chow Mein. I had a green bean rice dish planned but the beans were going off, so we had a minor pay and actually bought some meat

Around the house... I have my microwave wheat bear in my bed ready

One of my favourite things... my spice collection

From my picture journal... more from Monday

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Jan said…
Glad to hear your car repair won't be so bad after all, Linda, and your microwave heat bear sounds very cosy.
Always enjoyable to read your post.
Have a blessed week.
Love - Jan
Arlene said…
Ouch, a cracked crown sounds painful. Hope it isn't too bad. Now, a son that looks like Kevin Jonas can't be bad at all! LOL!

I enjoyed your daybook. Have a blessed week.
Katharine said…
Enjoyed your daybook, Blessings on your day!
Linda said…
So far it is OK to live with hopefully it will stay that way until my appointment.
Joyce said…
Hi Linda,
I enjoyed your Daybook, but am sorry to hear about the cracked crown. Ouch! Hope you can get that fixed soon. Glad to hear you have a good book to read, too. That's a necessity!

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