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FOR TODAY Wednesday...

Outside my window... it has been a beautiful day but now it is dark. I was very surprised it was only 8 degrees today, I didn't take my jacket to school

I am thinking... about a fun song called Waka Waka, of course I don't know many of the lyrics, often I change my mind later

I am thankful for... good friends from my teenage years, they are all so down to earth

I am wearing... my old windcheater, jeans etc.

I am remembering... that my husband and son saw two big eagles and an emu when they went wood chopping on Saturday, I did say to bring the camera, still struggling with the batteries, though the eagles were on a bad steep corner

hopefully I will remember to book the car in at the regional centre 1 1/2 hours away to get the LPG thing done (another $500)

I am going... to my High School Reunion with my best American accent, that the kids hate because I am hopeless at it. Actually it is a Tech School Reunion (it is the same you can get the same qualifications which I did). There were 370 kids in my year level when we started and we are still very close, having a blast on Facebook

I am reading... nothing yet

I am hoping... I have a nice day tomorrow, I haven't been out of town for a very long time as far as I know

On my mind... going to bed and getting up early

Noticing that... an excursion the school has planned should be a good experience for my daughter, they are going to Little India in Dandenong, Melbourne, which I didn't know existed

Pondering these words... well I hope to be pondering more words, I have decided to try to buy a large print King James Bible, I noticed Koorong has a big sale, but I will see how I go, my daughter wants me to buy a Bible for her too, she doesn't want her $5 paperback anymore, but something more special

From the kitchen... vegetarian bolognaise, we really enjoyed it

Around the house... my thirteen year old daughter has been wearing her new clothes she buys with her own money from working, they are fun, nicer than perhaps I thought

One of my favourite things... some photos my cousin posted on Facebook, it had six cousins, well we each had a sibling and four cousins, four weren't born yet, very special

From my picture journal... one of the photos my husband scanned recently of me

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popped by to say hello and to see how things are.....great photo.

Gill in Canada
Joyce said…
Hi Linda! What a fun post. I'm glad you enjoy the friends from school. And what a cute photo of you. :)
Renata said…
That picture is lovely - is it you?
I hope you enjoy your reunion!
Have a lovely weekend
Linda said…
Hi Renata, yes that is me!

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