Back To Basics Challenge

From July 18 onwards

Sowing seed or Planting

Just tidying up, hoping to do something with the raspberries.

Planning for The Future

This room is getting ready to be styled for selling, however it won't be finished to a high standard, perhaps after the house goes on the market. It is a big improvement on what it was like before with broken glass, stained carpet, heater sitting on tiles with dirt under it. We will take the couch away and bring our nicer one. This is our TV, we were given a better functioning one recently when my son moved into a flat. We will pop our DVD player that has suffered most likely from a power surge into the cupboard. Wash the wall and find something to put on the mantelpiece. If I can I will buy the paint that matches those colours from the Taubmans spice range to cover the work my husband has done on the bricks, as good as it is. We have had the house three years this month. It was $85,000 when we bought it. If anyone is thinking of buying a house in that price range make sure you borrow $20,000 for repairs not the bank's suggested $15,000. 40s houses are a labour of love.

Taken Sunday 8th.

Working for the Future

Just bringing home stuff to tidy up for the sale. Taking catches off the cupboard that was built into the dining room that smelt like mice. The catches are very 60s. Those little round holes with airers in plastic from memory. Brought back the old bathroom cupboard which was OK, just I nearly fell in the bath when I opened the doors. It will be wrapped and stored here in the shed. Things like that.

We picked up the mower from ebay, it sold at the list price of $60. It works well.

Building Community

Facebook has turned out to be a big community builder. Saw people at the High School reunion that was as a result of FB. Am able to show people photos and catch up. However, if you do it yourself be prepared that some people may treat it like a wedding! Anyway, I was asked why I was there by one lady, why weren't my cousins there instead of me! Two people stood up for me. Later one lady who was sitting with her asked me lots of questions on fb that perhaps I should politely refuse to answer. It is not nice to rehash a lovely event later and perhaps have it spoilt for you. Family farm politics, some people may be able to relate.

Learn a new Skill

My daughter washed up her roll of fabric strips ready for quilting.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.


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