Back to Basics Challenge

From August 21 onwards:

Sowing seed or Planting

Planning for The Future

I found a recipe in a BH&G magazine for using up Vietnamese mint, called Hue Pancakes. If anyone wants to buy Vietnamese mint there are heaps in the Richmond Ikea, at least there was last Tuesday.

Our real estate agent quite awhile ago advised us to get some cheap light fittings, still nice ones, but inexpensive from a particular shop. We had three light fittings to go, so I read the whole Ikea catalogue online awhile ago before our trip to Melbourne. I planned out how to find Ikea and we spent a whole $20. Three oyster lights and a three pack of matching globes, in the right colour warmth for darker houses. I still couldn't believe it when I read the docket. Here are the lights, they are easy to find in Ikea.

I have worked out a plan to get straw for the garden, but I hope I actually achieve it.

I have been reading Recipes+ magazine and have found variations on some of the recipes we like. Have removed the recipes from one magazine, have two to go. Read about it here. I made up my menu with soft food, the second menu, I had to ditch the first one. Maybe I can reuse it next time and save some time, at least most of it. We used up some stuffing mix in some Bacon & Cheese Burgers, I had left-overs. I just realised I haven't been putting my links in well on IE, hopefully my firefox will work again soon. I have no idea how anyone can blog in IE, so frustrating. Found a webpage called More taste, less waste to help with using up ingredients. They have a list of ingredients at the bottom.

Working for the Future

My husband recycled a chainsaw chain somehow and saved us some money when we needed it. He shortened one. It worked as they got lots of wood.

Building Community

I was happy to be able to visit Melbourne and know I can still get around there fairly easily. I was pleased the hoddle street hadn't changed or Victoria Parade where it joins Victoria Street, it was nice to refresh my memory. There is a lovely looking op-shop in High Street Preston, but I couldn't quite remember where, my husband offered to take me back to see it, but really we were quite late for lunch as it was at Mum's house. Living so far away means you have to be organised. I did stop at BigW and get a cheap purse as my leather one is worn on the inside and I had seen this purse, which is the same as far as pockets go, the last time I was there recently. I also had seen a t-shirt in My Size, in the catalogue, and I saw a store, walked in and tried it on as I was unsure which size to order, so that is my new t-shirt for the year most likely, to wear for good. Just remember I live a very long way from My Size stores. I was so excited to actually see one. I actually saw the front of another one as well in Camberwell.

Learn a new Skill

I learnt that quilting squares are joined in backstitch, but still confused about that.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.


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