Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather in my neck of the woods: back to -3° tonight (sorry I lost my table when I uploaded picture on IE, it was there down low, now it is gone)


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Things that make me happy:
These birds. I look at them around town, at the hairdressers, at the garage getting petrol once, and mostly at school while I wait

Book I am reading:
The last two I mentioned I ditched. Very frustrating. Will have to check if I like the other one.

What I am enjoying on TV:
I was going to ask if anyone listens to Bear Grylls. My girls watch it a lot, I like listening to it from a distance. Why? His voice is similar to the guy on The Nanny, who I watched as Shane on Days of Our Lives years ago when I had a break in the afternoon

While I was in the waiting room at the dentist this morning I saw the start of the Labour Party launch. Then I saw Pauline Hanson being interviewed saying Tony Abbott had something to do with her going to jail! All very interesting.

On the menu for dinner:
We had Greek Lentil Soup to use up spinach and dill

On my To Do list:
To ring a surgeon for an appointment.

New Recipe I tried or want to try soon:
A new Japanese pancake recipe

In the craft basket:
Need to take apart a seam in the middle of a pair of curtains, that is two seams lol

Looking forward to this week:
Getting my daughter's teeth seen to, trouble with her baby teeth not coming out

Tips and tricks:
I had one, but didn't write it down!

My favourite blog post this week:
this one is from the week of the 27th July, hopefully I haven't already posted it
Back to Basics Challenge - Week 1
Biblical Illiteracy is NOT the Problem

Blog Hopping (a new discovered blog you would like to share with the readers):
! A Growing Teenager Diary ! I can so relate as I have a son in first year uni, and a daughter who studies Indonesian and went to Malaysia to learn the language for a little while in an Indonesian school

No words needed: the birds I mentioned above

Lesson learned the past few days:
That where we live there are no political banners posted on trees or whatever along the road. I saw two on the way home, then they stopped! One advantage of being isolated I suppose.

On my mind:
A growth on my jaw that the xray for the periodontist showed, that my dentist found yesterday while checking my crown which was OK

Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses:
None that I remember

This meme is from Sandra's blog.


Caroline said…
My youngest son had trouble with his baby teeth not coming out. The dentist ended up taking them out and wah la what do you know their was his adult teeth just waiting to come through. About 4wks later they were completly up & I was left with a large dentist bill.
Miss Eagle said…
Brrr....I whinge and I am only in the easter suburbs of Melbourne. I will think of you. I'm a girl from the tropics and I have never adjusted to the cold - and last year got hypothermia so I am now terrified of the cold.

Poor Pauline. I am no fan of her politics but women who stick their heads above the parapet get a raw deal. And I believe that Pauline got a raw deal. Around about the same time a friend of mine was imprisoned and it was overturned by the High Court. She was the Chief Magistrate and had crossed a man (another magistrate) and this was the end result. Thing was it was an industrial relations matter and she was an officer of the law with immunity from prosecution - which the Chief Justice and the Premier (who knew her personally) should have darn well known. Anyway, she is now suing for heaps.
Linda said…
We don't get the wind Melbourne does, which I find I didn't like when I lived in Flowerdale. It is mountainous there as well, so maybe the wind wouldn't be so bad in Gippsland where dh would love to live.
Linda said…
Caroline, I think you are lucky in some ways, my daughter's teeth have come up in a very scary place. They didn't take them out and advised waiting, now they may growl at me, I hope not!
joolzmac said…
Nice pictures as always, Linda. I do watch Bear Grylls and love his pommy accent. We sit there thinking he is an absolute lunatic! Lol! Erk! Last night he roasted a bird eating tarantula spider - I nearly fainted! :)

Cheers - Joolz
Linda said…
Today he was in South Dakota, I nearly watched that.
Linda said…
I just loved Shane, so I like his voice a lot lol.

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