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FOR TODAY Tuesday...

Outside my window... a lovely sunny day apparently, I have sort of been a shut in lately

I am thinking... that the Woman's Weekly may have some recipes I can use, which isn't always the case

I am thankful for... that I had a much better day with my back yesterday, it was a marked improvement, I was able to sit up to the table to have lunch

I am wearing... old windcheater, and my now old jeans, will wear the new ones when I don't smell like Tiger Balm, can perhaps stop using it now and have showers at my normal time again

I am remembering... what life was like before the reunion and my back played up and trying to get back to it! It was a very busy weekend. My family except the ones left at home, stayed up until 3am one morning to make sure they had everything done to hand in the key yesterday

I am going... I hope to take my daughter to the same dentists appointment that keeps getting cancelled next Monday, not sure how I will go, sometimes living this far away is difficult, being the school dentist it sort of defeats the purpose

I am reading... the August edition of the Australia Woman's Weekly. I think it is the first time I have bought one (thought my husband actually bought it for me) and haven't been mad at it after 20 minutes or so. The is an article on blogging and online things on page 89. If you haven't seen the top 100 blogs list before, it is here. Good to see Little Jenny Wren at number 41

I am hoping... my daughter is safe on her trip which I let her attend to see a different culture and to also build on her production experience as she had five years of ballet and other things, if I can relax it will help me have a rest to help get well from my sore back

On my mind... children's safety. My middle daughter climbed a monkey puzzle tree! Who would have thought a Victorian monkey puzzle tree would be in the middle of nowhere. A remnant of something, perhaps the old railway station that was there once. I feel a bit better about it today

Noticing that... my daughter's own Bible she wanted me to buy should be arriving in the mail today or tomorrow

Pondering these words... well nothing. But I do have to make sure my son can manage in his new flat next week while his brother goes on holiday and then he starts uni the week after, 2nd semester and has to learn the bus route, also the walking track to the shops

From the kitchen... either Beef & Vegetable Bolognaise or Taco Salad

Around the house... a new TV and set top box, my son's ex-girl gave to us which I thought was kind. I will use our TV which is starting to play up sometimes to stage our investment property, and the set top box will allow us to watch free to air TV if we want to as the network will be turned off in the not so distant future, we weren't going to buy one

One of my favourite things... seeing the My Size latest catalogue. I had been pondering the amount of ladies at our school reunion that had coloured shortish hair. In the MySize catalogue they had my hair, long and uncoloured or shaped. It is interesting that the catalogue flips these days and on the other side? Someone with coloured and shaped hair! At least my side was an option!

From my picture journal... the back of my boy's (and my other boy's) new flat

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Paola said…
I've been toying with buying the August AWW too - the first for, gosh, ages, purely because of the Gillard feature. Is it worth it?
Hope you recover from your back pain swiftly and surely.
Linda said…
The Gillard feature was definitely worth it. It has given me a lot to think about. It does not go over stuff we already know, so is not annoying in any way.

Thanks Paola.

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