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FOR TODAY Wednesday...

Outside my window... today wasn't worth looking out the window, fog and rain, apparently it made some people in town flat

I am thinking... about all the silly status updates on fb. My daughter must have been on it too long tonight

I am thankful for... my daughter's maths improving

I am wearing... my new jeans, and my best windcheater, skivvy, too cold without one, though I am quite warm now

I am remembering... to go to the library and pick up the books, plus a quilting instruction book for my little girl

I am going... I say it all the time, but to the dentist, in my hometown

I am reading... I am getting two novels from the library, At The Scent of Water by Linda Nichols and A Penny For Your Thoughts by Mindy Starns Clark

I am hoping... that we can get some stuff done at the other house on the weekend, gardening and fixing, and maybe I will get some $5 oyster lights at Ikea, yay I haven't been there for ages! Only three light fittings missing. One $19 one looks like it may match our overly fancy American styled fan we bought in Bunnings

On my mind... my other daughter's schoolwork, but help is at hand

Noticing that... I got what I had to do done today, like book a motel in Melbourne, order the fruit and vege, I didn't want to sit too long. I find that only the handbrake bothers me driving the car

Pondering these words... conflict is avoidable, a Mum suggested this to her son to help him write his essay on conflict, brings back memories of VCE last year with my son, not sure I think that, what a hard subject

From the kitchen... crusty bread for a change

Around the house... a keyboard in my daughter's room that she plays every couple of days

One of my favourite things... raindrops running down my tall bedroom window yesterday afternoon, nothing was pretty like that today

From my picture journal... taken Sunday

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Out Back said…
Thanks for sharing Linda, I always enjoy reading these day books, maybe I should start doing it myself.

It certainly has been a very cold, wet Winter this year even in our neck of the woods. No snow though...not that cold lol.

Take care,

(I am on fb too)
Jan said…
Amazing to see the snow in your pic, no wonder you mention it is cold down your way.
Yes I love when it is raining too.
Hope your back recovering.
Thanks for your comment about the book about firstborns. The author mentions there are often different groups within a family and a child can have firstborn traits though not actually the firstborn.
Hugs - Jan

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