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FOR TODAY Tuesday...

Outside my window... it is a beautiful day today. We did get that heavy frost, but the house warmed up well, after I opened the fire up a bit

I am thinking... trying not to worry about myself and my son starting uni

I am thankful for... the trampoline the kids and my husband found at the tip on the weekend, they have wanted one for ages, our tip can be good that way

I am wearing... my new jeans, skivvy, windcheater which I will change to my nice jumper to go to school

I am remembering... to drive my own car to school. I have been using my husband's as mine needs $500 and a trip to see the LPG specialist at the regional centre

I am going... to my hometown again for my daughter's teeth then maybe I will take her to Target to get a zu zu pet, in another town on the way home, she has everything except the guineapig

I am reading... I have a quilting book waiting at the library, my daughter has a quilting kit and we are trying to learn some skills. She is taking the kit to my Mum's while I am in Melbourne for my periodontal surgery next week, Mum said she is going to go through her Handmade magazines for small projects, maybe she can enter the Ag Show with something if she makes something

I am hoping... my daughter won't eventually need her teeth straightening because her baby teeth at the bottom didn't fall out by themselves

On my mind... my son's second day at uni, there was a late timetable change, and things we didn't quite think out before he went today

Noticing that... last night there was a pretty pink cloud sunset, not on the horizon, but clouds near our mountain

Pondering these words... a book about Year 12 subjects for next year, the ones that give an ENTER score for uni

From the kitchen... something to make sure the bean shoots are used up today, a Japanese pancake with bacon, yet another on my list to make this week, one has chicken

Around the house... a new book for my daughter from Koorong, the online Christian bookshop, it was inexpensive and helps her out a lot

One of my favourite things... I went through Yackandandah yesterday and loved the town's bulbs, beautiful!

From my picture journal... I think this is the greener match to my old banner?

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A Gracious Home said…
I love the picture. A beautiful site. I have never heard of those kind of pancakes. I will have to try them. I hope you have a great week. Doylene
Linda said…
Hi Doylene. It is lovely even without the sprouts or shoots, and using normal onions.

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