Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Tuesday...

Outside my window... it is dark now

I am thinking... how cold it is, we have just arrived home after being out for two days, heard on the way home it is going to snow down to 800m tomorrow

I am thankful for... having my tooth removed, though I am not sure what is going to happen next with it

I am also thankful for a child's safety in Big W. The child was following me around, I knew that no one was looking after them really, maybe they were but it didn't seem like that. He climbed up one of those really tall shop things and my daughter went and got him down. He could have died on the concrete floor. I am so glad she was willing to get involved. The staff asked if the child belonged to my husband and he said no, they were going to take him to the desk. He cried that the thing was wobbling and his Mum turned up.

I am wearing... my dressing gown over my clothes to keep in the heat from sitting in the car

I am remembering... to write down appointments

I am going... to lots of appointments but not this week or next week thankfully

I am reading... the same book still

I am hoping... not sure right now, maybe that I can find some soft things to eat, I have two lots of stitches

On my mind... just my teeth, I must be due for more panadol though I feel OK

Noticing that... there is lots of flooding in NE Victoria

Pondering these words... nothing atm

From the kitchen... canned soup, it is soft lol

Around the house... suitcases

One of my favourite things... the stack of magazines my Mum gave me to read

From my picture journal...

A cow the girls snapped a picture of.
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Renata said…
It's cold here as well. I hadn't heard about the flooding in Vic, but heard they were fighting bushfires around Sydney somewhere - what a crazy country we live in.
Hope you recover well & find something soft to eat.
Have a great evening
After 4 tooth extractions last year I know just what you mean by soft food.
Hope your panadol work and you rest
Linda said…
The flooding isn't too bad, not causing problems I don't think.

I haven't had any panadol this morning, so no pain to speak of, may take some later.

Thanks to you both, I will try and read my novel and get off the computer.
Linda said…
I had a call from the shop and they took that thing away and planned on other measures as well. So a positive ending.

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