Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Tuesday...

Outside my window...
the fog has been very pretty when it lifts in the mornings, yesterday it was a soft blue and white behind a bare liquid ambar or gumball tree

I am thinking... about the words to Butterfly Fly Away, so encouraging to families with late teen children by Hannah Montana, over 10 years from our first family portrait to this one, so many things have changed

I am thankful for... I had something, but have forgotten again, blogging and memory, so entwined lol

I am wearing... old windcheater for now, will change it soon

I am remembering... to write things on the calendar still, my daughter has to RSVP for a party in the regional centre, very special, my other daughter has one with a homeschool family

I am going... to have my stitches checked and have to go to a surgeon about a growth on my jaw, still I will have two days out! Maybe the weather will be very nice!

I am reading... nothing yet

I am hoping... the surgeon says I have nothing to worry about

On my mind... my son and starting another semester at uni, he got his results back from winter semester, where he did one subject and got a CR

Noticing that... the plants are very advanced, when the sun does come out it will be hot, this winter has been very long

Pondering these words... only words from songs

From the kitchen... lots of pumpkin, sweet potato and cauliflower soups

Around the house... my daughter has found a fun site with fun clothes in the US, that includes all her favourite likes in fashion, she has a Cat In The Hat windcheater, I really love it

One of my favourite things... my new lilac pintuck t-shirt from MySize

From my picture journal... from August 20 I think, outside

Please visit Peggy and read some more daybooks. Happy spring tomorrow for those "down under".


Miss Eagle said…
All the best with the medical stuff. And a Cat in the Hat cute.

Caroline said…
Hi Linda Welcome to Spring. I hope your mouth is much better once your stitches come out.

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