Steve Forde - I Aint That Guy - My latest country music pic

I heard this lately, and thought it was interesting. I am not going to offend my readers by saying I agree. You all know I love some Japanese foods for starters.

I thought later I'd add a bit of commentary to this video. Since coming to live in this small isolated town, it is videos and songs, country songs that keep me amused while living here. During the past months I have found Facebook and have been putting pictures there of myself and my life as a girl, as you may have read and noticed. My Dad taught me to ride horses, and he passed away, and my pictures have been about that.

Recently at the high school reunion I attended I was standing outside the hotel where it was held about the time of the start of the reunion. One of the organisers called me inside as the dining room doors were closed. He called me into the bar, which was empty I think except for the five or six of us who I knew from school. My husband said I think I was confident sitting at the bar. It was the first time, except for another, that I had been in one, except looking through the hole in the wall from the dining room. The other one was the country pub on the road here where you have to walk through it to get to the ladies toilets. One day I was desperate enough to do that lol. The toilets were right next the pool table (yuk, hope they have bad hearing etc).

Anyway, I was raised to drink, not sure why my parents did that. I have never been drunk. But imagine after all the things I did remember to add to it when listing my jobs on Facebook that I worked in a licenced grocery and carried slabs out to the car for people!

In 2000 when we moved into a new house, I was a bit wound up, and my husband suggested I drink something, and I didn't like that being the motivation for drinking so I didn't bother ever buying it again to drink, only to cook with lol.

Being nearly 6' tall and with the same tough kind of attitude as Steve Forde, for example I helped Dad break in a horse, though really it wasn't that big of a deal. I'll tell you, leave that attitude to the guys. Steve seems to have suffered no ill effects, but probably my back has lol.

I had a big laugh Steve when I saw that shot gun propped up against the wall.


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