Treechange Ads in Melbourne ~ Seriously?

I came across this page about ads showing in metropolitan areas about treechanging to North East Victoria. I haven't seen them myself, obviously I already live in NE Victoria. I have lived here all my life except one year in Flowerdale and a few months in Eaglemont. While living in Flowerdale in a non-airconditioned car at the time, it appeared that driving home up the Freeway was a very hot and dry boring event. I feel the main barrier to people living in NE Victoria is the weather. No beach, which means frosts and no relief of "cool changes" in the summer. I feel the medium sized town of my birth never really changes in size, though many try it out I think, and then disappear again. However, same for the bad elements, they seem to be able to be run out, maybe the size is conducive to good policing. It has all the services and I love it. Will I move back there, not sure.

Here though 2 1/4 hours further up the road well I am still learning about the differences in the lifestyle. Often something interesting comes up but I don't feel I should write about it.

Anyway, here is a link to the guy who does the ads. Has anyone seen them?

Anyway, I thought treechanging was dead. That has been my thoughts lately. Why would anyone put themselves in that danger? We have been told that the planned burning off wasn't completed, which coincidently was after the smoke blew across Melbourne, or maybe I am being unfair. The school dentists are no where near the isolated areas, and seem very overworked. Anyway, when I remember my current thoughts I will let you know.

I wonder why the North East want more people to come?

It is interesting as to me, moving back to my hometown would mean going back to an urban life, but that was in town rather than a farmlet like the guy has. And it is in the 3 hours zone. My friends from school seem quite in a different world as evidenced by our high school reunion. However, the ones that live in Wodonga (four hour zone) seem to be able cope with people like us (5 1/2 hours). They have to deal with us in business etc. They are isolated themselves to some extent.


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