Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Friday...

Outside my window... it is dark, but still was a grey day, and fairly dark

I am thinking... about the question raised during the speech of our new prime minister about city people subsidising the country people with internet and an article in The Age yesterday putting that theory to rest with an interesting cartoon

I am thankful for... being able to blog in Firefox again. No more div html! Also that the surgeon said I had a tooth that never came up, not a growth, but will check again in 2 years

I am wearing... new jeans, but I have gone and bought a size smaller, and will have to alter these ones

I am remembering... to do my bills and counting money which I have finished, and now to start a new menu

I am going... to the dentist and the orthodontist with my daughter

I am reading... I have finished a lovely book called Lone Star Cafe by Lisa Wingate. It is a great simplicity story, or more accurately a good seachange story, about how old-fashioned towns can sometimes be good for people. It is Christian I think, but not obviously at all

I am hoping... I don't feel like I did yesterday for awhile, teary, haven't done that before

On my mind... not much, on purpose

Noticing that... Coles was a really pleasant experience on Wednesday. Apart from the fact that I didn't have lunch before I went there, had to go there early and it is near the bank, had to go there. I found buying the things for my menu easy, it was like they were made for each other. Loved the Elderflower Cordial there, like Koolaid for those in the States

Pondering these words... "Neglect not the gift that is in thee" 1 Timothy 4:14, and comment on blogging at Martha-wannabe

From the kitchen... we were to have lentil lasagne but as it is Friday and the girls busy etc. our daughter made her boyfriend some bolognaise and there was enough for the three of us that were left

Around the house... the girls have a sheet pegged on curtains in one of their rooms to act as a projector screen

One of my favourite things... my daughter's pjs that I got at Pumpkin Patch, not sure where all the pjs we found at the start of the season have gone, but she ended up wearing mismatched tops and bottoms, which has now been fixed! They have three designs left in light material that were in the winter range

From my picture journal... more of the girls photos before the big rain that nearly became as big as the floods of '93. My usual picture of the snow on my banner, is floodwater these days irl and it would be great if I can get a photo to show. Speaking of snow, I haven't been out of town much, or if I did I didn't see any snow. On Wednesday I saw my first snow of the season, and it is spring now! These bushes osmanthus birkwoodi have just started flowering, though the photo is before they started flowering.

Our dog. Please visit Peggy and read some more daybooks.


Joyce said…
Hi Linda,
The picture of your dog peeking through the bush is so cute.

I don't understand the bit about the prime minister thinking the city people are subsidizing the country people? It would seem almost the other way around to me...

So it is getting to be spring there, and we are just getting ready for autumn. The days here are gray and rainy lately. I should blog about daily things but have gotten out of it somehow. I'll try to blog a bit this week.

Talk to you on Facebook. :)
Linda said…
Hi Joyce, no it was one of the press gallery people.

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