Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Thursday...

Outside my window... my canaries, I just filled up their seed containers. I haven't ever done it much, I felt not very mechanically minded lol

I am thinking... about how much small town shops can get away with, and how sad it is to be 17 and not at home (not my kids). Despite my negative mood, that I intend to fix by getting warm and reading, I have recovered from my crying jag last week, it was only the once but seemed to take a bit to get over from nerves about money. What do you guys think about those ads on the back of the toilet doors? I had no idea what the anxiety one was saying...

I am thankful for... my daughter's visit to the Orthodontist meant that nothing needs to be done straight away

I am wearing... a long sleeved purple top, inside I have put a windcheater over it, it is reasonably warm outside, but I think we have Albury's wind from yesterday

I am remembering... that maybe I should start tea myself as my husband is working quite late tonight

I am going... I hope nowhere. I have been out for the past two days, it was quite tiring lol

I am reading... I have just finished The Language of the Sycamores by Lisa Wingate. If you haven't read this author before you should check her out. Both my recent Lisa Wingate reads were from series, but it didn't really matter I don't think. They are out of print but there are some on ebay. My library can't buy them in other words to put the set back together but they are reasonably priced on ebay if I want to get some more sometime

I am hoping... I make the right decision about an implant where my missing tooth is

On my mind... why does my old background still come up just before the new one?

Noticing that... the really cold days as kind of behind us, though it is not really warm where I am sitting now, maybe I should put my skivvy back on

Pondering these words... "When you're afraid to start a new day, you gotta reach inside you all the way. It ain't hard, when you know who you are. You're no ordinary Joe. You're a star..." p240 The Language of the Sycamores by Lisa Wingate

From the kitchen... Pumpkin Pasta Bake

Around the house... the kangaroo costume I found in the op-shop once, the kids were to dress up in Australiana and we made up a printed mask, hopefully she will wear it but she isn't keen

One of my favourite things... Pumpkin Patch brochures. I haven't been getting mine for years, and the shop assistant said my town field was wrong in their system, so I look forward to receiving them in the future. My daughter tried on two dresses to get the sizing right and I will order the one that fits nicely online

From my picture journal... if I could have managed it I should have taken my camera on my days out, not many places to stop. It is very green, and the lake is up, even saw two black swans. This one is from last Sunday

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Renata said…
What a beautiful picture!
Sounds like you guys have the wind we've also got - makes it so cold outside (in fact it's almost too cold to go outside !!).
Hope the rest of your week goes well & you enjoy your day at home - our plans were cancelled today, so it feels like I have a bonus day at home with no school work planned!
Have fun
What a beautiful picture! Everthing still so green and lush.

I'm hoping to stay home today too.


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