Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Wednesday...

Outside my window... it is dark now, but earlier my ornamental pears were a pretty white

I am thinking... how lovely it is that my son had a good day at uni, and having a go at Meatball Stroganoff for himself, while older son is having a go at Steak and Kidney Casserole by Gabriel Gate

I am thankful for... safety on Tuesday, we were both subject to driving behind a slow driver for 25 minutes then he sped up and wouldn't let us pass putting us in danger, first me and then my husband in the other car

I am wearing... today a t-shirt and jeans, now I have put on my socks and a windcheater and we have lit the fire, we were down to our last wood, but close to home my husband and our neighbour had a job of cutting up some felled trees for a building project. This is good as I realised I had read in the paper it is unsafe to walk around paddocks (where we usually go for instance) as trees have been falling because all the rain

I am remembering... that I briefly saw a swan's nest on Tuesday, and that I went to a Freedom furniture store I hadn't been to before, and that with the sale my husband got a mortar and pestle for $15, something we have been wanting for years, and would actually use these days because we crush cardamon pods and fennel seeds

I am going... to pick up car if it is ready, which is another long drive

I am reading... Every Secret Thing by Ann Tatlock and The Path to Her Heart by Linda Ford

I am hoping... next week gets into some kind of rhythm, and we get some jobs done at the other house. We bought undercoat and the stuff to clean the chimney etc.

On my mind... the damage in Newfoundland and what is going on there

Noticing that... today my daughter who is 16 finally got her L plates (or rather learner's permit) and an adult bank account which she will need if she gets a part time job, it would save running around at the last minute. We had all the documents out, so just went for it!

Pondering these words... from a phone call of a cousin on my paternal Grandfather's side, it was nice to hear her voice, she actually lives within two hours of me and reminds me of my Grandparents when she speaks, so that was nice, nicer than just email

From the kitchen... Spiced Beans with Roast Pumpkin Wedges

Around the house... a china hen and chickens my husband got from the op-shop to match my china rooster. The girls have got out two bags of marbles and they are playing with them. Finally I have a zu zu pet, a pink one for my daughter who already has a run for it

One of my favourite things... my Freedom furniture catalogue, my new snack and sandwich maker by Breville

From my picture journal... a photo we stopped to take on Tuesday, showing the water level in Lake Hume which isn't too bad

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Red Nomad OZ said…
Op-shopping, cooking and rural life - sounds perfect!

Happy travels!
Jill said…
Lovely post and what a beautiful picture!
Have a wonderful day!


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