Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Tuesday...

Outside my window... it is dark. We had a nice sunset, we saw it as we were driving home. Earlier on in the day I saw my tulips, there are a few out

I am thinking... six days after my last Simple Woman post and our days are not in some sort of rhythm yet. We are still working on bringing back the wood from the work site. We have to have it finished by the day they want to spray the ground under them for weeds. We also have a real estate agent coming in a couple of days... no pressure

I am thankful for... my new fan. It works, actually has a tag, and cleaned up really well. It is a modern design

I am wearing... still windcheater, but t-shirt not skivvy. It is going to be cold tomorrow. The snow on the mountain is melting, but there is more forecast

I am remembering... that it is my daughter's 17th birthday on the weekend. An amazing age to have a child reach. Her boyfriend's parents have taken her driving

I am going... to our other house for the meeting with the real estate agent, I went there today as well to check things out

I am reading... Every Secret Thing by Ann Tatlock. The start is really good. I am guessing when the book was written the heroine was about my age, but not sure. It is a good novel for ladies in their mid to late 40s. I know I have said it before, but good in the days of Facebook reunions, or at least relating to the way the main character's memory works

I am hoping... they find what is wrong with my car and that everything is sorted out, and that it last me awhile, in the meantime maybe I should think about getting a newer one if the opportunity ever comes up

On my mind... gardening, I have given up styling the house for the moment, it requires too much shifting furniture and time that has run out probably

Noticing that... for all the talk about clocks that our Prime Minister said in her speech and love of people who work hard, it was quite surprising that the speakers swap days to do things like go to a child's first day of school. Does she realise some hard workers wouldn't be able to do that?

Pondering these words... I have been watching The Waltons and in a couple of episodes found some lovely quotes along the lines of "people need mountains" by John Boy, and "if you keep your kids young and innocent they won't have the joy you have had" John Walton

From the kitchen... we haven't been shopping so it is Japanese Vegetarian Pancakes, they only need potatoes, carrots and cabbage

Around the house... my really old jeans that I slob around in are too big now. So I tried on a pair of too small jeans in the wardrobe. Quess what? They are still too small. Go figure? Anyway, they are in the op-shop bag

One of my favourite things... a beautiful surprise bulb I found in my garden today, now to remember what it is. It is white and large, will have to post a picture

From my picture journal...

Our new guineapigs, the brown one is called Kevin. She is a girl, but apparently it is a TV joke. They are lovely guineapigs, which means buying from a good quality pet shop is worth it. They have been enjoying the accessories we bought there too!

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Joyce said…
Hi Linda,
I enjoyed your daybook and must get back to business writing on my blog again. :(

The lovely guinea pigs remind me of when a couple of my girls had guinea pigs, hamsters and gerbils. Those were busy pet times.

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