Weekend in Review

Today I was reading the newspaper and found an ad quite out of character with a cute logo about a new shop that opened yesterday. It was of particular interest to me as I had been to the shop before it had closed. I had also seen the business for sale, and it was particularly interesting.

So I went out there with two of the girls, late Sunday afternoon, but they were still open and it was still sunny and warm.

The upshot of it was that I bought some quandong jam, and I wanted to tell Tania! I also bought mustard and the jam was less than the usual price I pay for it.

They have cookbooks and good coffee, maybe I can go back again. I was particularly interested in the herbs, the hyssop.

Quandong was surprising, the taste. Yet it was very multi-generational Australian. It suits our palate. I thought the quandong had a gingery flavour or maybe like something else I have had before? Maybe our cooking has been influenced by quandongs in the past?

On the way home I crested a rise and had the most glorious view. This is our town, I can see where our house is when I see the town laid out. It is hard for me to understand fully how we are situated.


Joyce said…
This is a beautiful view, Linda. We are similarly nestled in the foothills, which we find very cozy and homey.

That jam sounds interesting (and tasty).

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