Back To Basics Challenge

From September 24

Sowing seed or Planting
we actually have some pac choy to plant out. We have never grown asian vegetables before. We caught a snail on them this morning, but no harm done

Planning for The Future

After ordering some books from the library from some authors I found at Belinda's blog, and receiving them half at a time basically, I found one in my bag that I had actually wanted to read maybe a couple of years ago. It is called Apples For Jam by Tessa Kiros. It was lovely to read and I hope we get to try out a few things like Pumpkin Pizza, Semolina Soup, and that Italian cake my Mum gave me half of last Christmas made into a colourful birthday cake, with a new cake of course. I especially like the recipes with a small amount of sausages mixed with other legumes and vegetables.

Tried out a black lentil recipe called Curried Beluga Lentils, so have an Australian adaption. My husband served it with roast pumpkin.

Our planning of having an extra bed that we bought at the op-shop seems to be working well. Our son has been home for mid semester break and he has been using it, and my little girl has been sleeping in her old bed as a bunk in her sister's room.

I have been executing plans made after a visit from a real estate agent last week. I think it is a good plan. One of the plants was to fill out a garden bed, we also put hollihocks in there, which should match it to the other bed as they are the same colour as the roses. I feel I have a new direction, when it settles in my mind, a more modern look for inside in particular. We have been working hard on our other house for three years, but when asked I am worried I didn't provide enough details. So many tiny fiddly things we have done. But thankfully the outside looks nice. It has a nice garden atmosphere at the moment. I am still very lucky my ils helped out with painting the fence.

Working for the Future

I was really impressed with the plants from Bunnings called Paintbox. They enabled me to figure out placement in the garden because of the paint like colours on the side of the tag. One matched the neighbours side, one matched our side fence. Well done Bunnings.

My husband saw some fill at the tip that was $18 for a trailer load to help fill a drain that we have to fill up to sell our other house. That is out of the trailer now, and we are part of the way to fill up the drain.

Building Community

I had two people randomly call me who usually don't so much, the day before that day we had during the week, I hope it wasn't related. In Australia we had a day where people had to basically buck people up.

I found even talking to the real estate agent gave me a new perspective. I asked how people live in their houses, and I suppose it all helps live in the present not so much the past.

Learn a new Skill

My children were asking me questions about plants while we were in Bunnings. I also taught my middle daughter how to fill in a deposit slip at the bank to deposit her cheque for coaching.

Some of the wood we have been bringing home for next winter.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.


Miss Eagle said…
Linda, haven't been to your blog for a bit - ill health. And how pretty it looks - so it is not only your house and garden that is getting the treatment, eh?!

I love that having a spare bed bit. Hospitality is a wonderful thing...not to often or you can feel like you are run over by a train...but to have people to stay is a pleasure!

Blessings and bliss for all your plans

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