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Youtube yesterday told me I would like David Cassidy, they were so right. Had so much fun. Luckily I have a much better internet plan now. I had only 12MB with no plan, no I have 50 for $20 less because it is for 2 years or so. I had just been slowed down (no youtube) just after the school holidays, what a coincidence (not).

My brother at the moment has been at the Deni Ute Muster. At our house I have been talking about utes, they think I am going to buy one. I mentioned this to online friends. To explain I looked up Jayne Denham's Chick Ute Kind of Thing, and Youtube found me this video!

It is really interesting what I have said about utes on this blog before. Boy, have I changed my tune. I mean "hello". I had a Monaro, I have a trucker radio and an aerial and sports decals, who am I kidding really? Oh, don't forget the proper bullbar. Oops, and my car is red. And... I never would own a 4 cylinder sedan, and my husband's car has a good note to it. Yes, I chose it.


Renata said…
I also like country music - although not particularly utes (although they are handy on farms).

We have the 12 GB plan, but we generally only use 1/2 of it a month.
I guess that will all change when the kids get older.
Hope you have a wonderful week

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