My son has rung me twice to tell me what he sees regarding Halloween this year. I guess with phones these days you can also have a picture.

My daughter and I have been looking at the Woolworths catalogue daydreaming as Aldi, Coles and Woolworths are far away from here. However, my son did get me some things that I want kept for my Christmas present. The pumpkin muffin pans though, what I really wanted were so last week.


Debbie said…
There is heaps of Halloween stuff in the shops now, so looks like it is going to be bigger each year.
Jan said…
I see in the newspaper today, Linda, that the major stores are pushing Halloween as it is reported to be the biggest commercial season after Christmas in the USA.
It has not been celebrated anywhere I have lived, and I don't see it playing a part in my life in the future.
Have a blessed week, Jan
Linda said…
That is interesting Jan, thanks.
Connie Peterson said…
It seems strange to think of pumpkins and Halloween in the SPRING... while you are warming up, we are chilling down.

Looks like you had a lot of rain and flooding. We had the worst FALL rain in history this September!

Have a good day.
Jan said…
See the pumpkins for $10 today in Woollies, they were $20 a few days ago.
Love, Jan

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